Building Stories

Doon Heritage Village has been added as a feature tour on the Building Stories website and free smart phone app that enables Canadians to participate in identifying important community heritage assets.

The innovative website and smart phone application allows visitors to access information onsite as they explore Doon Heritage Village. It contains general information and photographs of all of the historic buildings located in Doon Heritage Village.

The Building Stories website is a partnership between the University of Waterloo's Heritage Resources Centre and the Computer Systems Group, both at the University of Waterloo and the Centre for Community Mapping (COMAP). It features an online inventory for historic sites across Canada that makes thousands of original documents, photos and historical records available online from a wide variety of communities.

The Building Stories mobile app is free to download. It is available from Google Play (formerly Android Market), the iTunes App Store and BlackBerry App World. Downloading and installing the Building Stories mobile app on to your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry smartphone is fast, easy and free.

Simply open Google Play, Apple's App Store or BlackBerry App World on your touch-based smartphone, search for Building Stories and follow the onscreen directions for downloading and installing the mobile app.

Before downloading the Building Stories mobile app, make sure you are connected to the internet (via a phone data plan or wifi connection) with a strong connectivity on your phone to ensure a successful download. Weak or intermittent connectivity may prevent your phone from downloading the mobile app. The Building Stories mobile app must be downloaded directly to your smartphone; it is not possible to download the mobile app first to your computer and then transfer the mobile app to your phone.

The Building Stories mobile app is only available for touch-based smartphones.