Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering

Temporarily Closed - Please check back for potential dates.

When cutting edge science and engineering join forces to assist the human body, the possibilities for improving day-to-day lives are endless! Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering is an engaging and interactive exhibit that shows how we all can use our ingenuity to build body replacements, develop brain-machine interfaces, and engineer unique assistive tools that push human potential beyond limits. Human Plus invites visitors to explore the dynamic, creative, user-focused engineering processes that help improve people’s lives.

The exhibit offers guests of all ages the chance to explore and create a range of low and high-tech tools that extend the abilities of the human body. Human Plus showcases compelling stories from a unique field of engineering that not only helps people carry out their day-to-day routines, but also helps them realize lifelong dreams.

From busy moms to engineers, adventurers to dance performers; people who use these new technologies – as well as the innovators themselves – share their stories through videos as well as the real life tools they use every day. Whether about caring for three children, or reaching the summit of Mount Everest; these stories captivate listeners.

“It is no longer a conversation about overcoming deficiency... It’s a conversation about potential.“
Aimee Mullins, Olympic champion, fashion model, inspirational speaker, and double amputee.

Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering was created by the New York Hall of Science in partnership with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the Quality of Life Technology Center with funding from the National Science Foundation.