Hardships and Challenges - Written Submissions

I want people to know that it wasn’t all Zoom meetings and bread baking during this time. This period of isolation has been hard, very hard on some of us. We had a beloved matriarch who was undergoing chemotherapy since March. She had to attend appointments alone, without support. In early May she was admitted to the hospital for a second round of aggressive chemotherapy. Complications developed and her stay extended. No one was allowed to visit. No one, not even her husband of almost 60 years. She would call us sometimes, crying and lonely. And afraid.
Anonymous, Elmira 

The hardest part has been not seeing family and friends. In a lot of cases, this is the longest I have ever gone without seeing them in my entire life.
Lindsay Weir, Kitchener

I miss going to the bank. I used to go at least once a week and it was one of those habits that I enjoyed. I haven’t been there since March 12th. I think that’s one of the things I miss the most. I liked to go into town and do my errands and chat to various people while doing do. That does not happen now. I go from Point A to Point B.
Lorna Weber, Elmira 

The moment I will remember most in that time was in the grocery store helping my parents to stock up on supplies for the coming weeks. My mom and I had been to 3 stores that day attempting to get everything on the list…and it was not a long list. It was my first experience of bare shelves and the panic buying that was happening. I was overwhelmed by the experience and just wanted to get home. I stood there and wept. It was just too much. Apparently I wasn’t the only one having meltdowns like that in the middle of the grocery store.
Rachel Bolton, Kitchener

In me, I detect anger. My life has been cancelled a full two weeks at this point. So many of us “oldsters”, with lives to varying degrees, dependent on community centre activities was the first to get unceremoniously halted. Little warning, no psychological prep time, other than the odd person expressing on the preceding Thursday, “I don’t know that I’ll be coming next week with this thing.” I am aware I am angry. I’ve been feeling incarcerated for a full two weeks.
Jacqui Cook, Kitchener

As for our grandchildren, age 15 and almost 17, this is the longest we have been separated from them in their lives. Being able to talk via video chat is fantastic, but it surely doesn’t make up for the lack of hugs, and the daily visits.
Margaret Brubacher, Elmira