Home Life - Written Submissions

I’ve been choosing the option of curbside pickup for supplies (which means I now have started to order on-line). Besides the necessity of having the Internet, it strikes me that cell phone use is built into service procedures, especially during this time of pandemic. Cell phones (like individual Internet access and credit card use) became more commonplace before the pandemic, but now seem to be needed even more as we try to manage our lives safely.
Anonymous, Kitchener 

After reading an article calling on volunteers to make and sew face masks, I knew this was something I could do for front line workers and the community. I have sewn about 100 mask so far. I have also been keeping busy with projects around the house. With the extra time, some of those things on the list got completed.
Patricia LeBlanc, Elmira

We all miss our hairdressers! I bought a product to cover my grey roots but my hair is out of control. I cut Darcy’s hair last week and I don’t know how long I can hold out. There will be a stampede to the salons when this is over.
Lorna Weber, Elmira

I can’t help but wonder how people have all this newfound free time. I went from going to an office every day, where I could focus on just work, to being home with two young kids (four and two) and my husband every waking hour of the day. We’re not just working anymore – we have to wear three different hats, every minute of every day. I’m a full-time mom, a teacher, and an employee at the same time – and if we’re being honest, I’m probably a full-time cook too. These kids never stop eating!
Michelle Koehler, Kitchener

In fact, we are rather enjoying this forced vacation from everything we used to think was important. Aside from house and property maintenance and gardening, we also love jigsaw puzzles, scrapbooking, reading, watching movies, hiking, biking, cleaning up roadside ditches, writing letters and making cards for all our shut-in friends and relatives, making loads of phone calls to these as well, and so on. We are never bored.
Margaret Brubacher, Elmira

I also everyday have created one task to complete, something to accomplish. I keep it to one task a day so that I don’t run out too early, depending on how long the pandemic lasts. My house has never looked so grand!
Sara McTavish, Waterloo

I do feel grateful to be able to spend more time with my husband and he’s glad for this too – we’ve been able to accomplish a lot that would otherwise get delayed or neglected.
Michelle Hrabi, Kitchener